Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stressful end of the Week...

I guess I should give everyone an update on what is going on. Well it all started Thurday the 26th. I had a Dr. appt in Columbia so Kim, Molly, and Isaac went with me and we did some shopping and ate at Olive Garden. We got home about 9. Isaac was sleeping so I brought him in and put him in his crib. I took a shower and then came to the living room to watch the rest of the MU game. Mom was on the couch. Isaac coughed a few times (they sounded very dry and course) and then sounded like he was gagging. So I jumped up out the chair and went in there thinking that he had thrown up or something. I walked in the bedroom and he was sitting up in his crib. I picked him up and he was lathargic and was having trouble breathing. I was trying to be very calm. I came into the living room to where mom was laying on the couch. What I said was "Mom, I think we need to do something Isaac isn't breathing very well." What Mom heard was "Mom, Isaac isn't breathing." I didn't know Mom could still move so fast. She flew up off the couch and said what he isn't breathing. I, very calmly, said no I said he isn't breathing very well. She took him and I called the 24 hour nurse hotline. The nurse was very calm unlike myself. By now I was starting to get nervous b/c Mom kept saying Stephanie we have to do something with him. The nurse asked is he had color and he did, she asked if his lips were blue and they werent so that was good. She then ask me to put the phone up to him to see if she could hear him over the phone. Well needless to say she could here him trying to breath and then cough some. By this time I had Isaac back in my hands and Mom was on the phone with nurse. The nurse instructed to put him in a steam room by going into the bathroon and putting the shower on hot and just sit in there with him and have him breath in the steam. She asked how far away we lived and she told Mom that we lived to far away to try to make it to Columbia. She said I think it is probably croup by the way he sounded but he should start breathing better very soon. He wasn't. He was just taking these very short dry course sounding breathes. I was starting to panic some and was getting very scared. The nurse then told Mom that she probably should go on and call 911 and they would be able to come out and get him and make sure everything was okay. **There is something about it when you hear call 911 and it being your child they are calling about that sends you into panic mood.** I was petrified. So Mom made the call to 911 as I stayed in the bathroom with him. Knowing that calling 911 was going to dispatch the Blackwater Fire Dept I told Mom to call Kim and tell her what was going on b/c Chad has a pager and they will hear it come across. Well Mom didn't get them called fast enough. (The following is funny now but wasn't at the time) Chad was getting ready to get in the shower and Kim was going to bed. Chad was putting his pager in the charger when it started sounding off to dispatch Blackwater. Kim laughed at Chad and said well I don't guess you will be going to the shower. Chad said well dam-it what is it. The dispatcher continues to say Blackwater Fire dispatch to (gave our address) Kim and Chad paused and just looked at each other. They continued to say 15 month old baby with trouble breathing. They just looked at each other and Chad says are you going or am I? Kim said I am going and was out the door and here in about 3 minutes. About the time that some of the Blackwater Fire guys got here Isaac finally started breathing a little more normal but was still out of it. It took the freaking ambulance forever to get here. I am pretty sure that I could have been to Columbia before the Boonville ambulance got here. When they got here I brought Isaac out and sat on the couch. He was breathing pretty good and just laid on my chest. The parimedics asked how he was and I stated that he was better. They went on to say that that is one thing about croup it comes on so fast. They said that they would take him in if I wanted but that there wasn't really anything they could do for him as far as the croup goes. Well by now Isaac see's all these people in the house so he sits up and starts laughing at them and just talking acting like he wasn't sick at all. I about died so we opted to stay home. They did advise to sleep in the chair with him in case it flared up again. By the time all this was over it was after 12:30 am and Isaac was wound up like crazy. Everyone left and we finally got back to sleep around 1:30am. We didn't have any more episodes that night just not very good sleep. Also may I mention that I missed the last 5 minutes of the MU ballgame. But regardless they won....

So the Dr.'s office called me Friday morning to check on us and see how things were going. They said they would check him if I wanted them to just to make sure everything was okay. So we went into the Dr that afternoon. He did verify that Isaac has croup and there is nothing you can do for it b/c it is viral. The Dr. said that what they have been seeing is that kids come in here with croup or any other kind of viral infection and then within a fw days start running a fever and have influenza (flu). He said so if he starts running a fever that is probably what he has. If you think it is something else like his ears or something to call them and they would check it out. I said okay and then was just praying that he did't start running a fever. Well Saturday afternoon guess what he started running the fever. We had a very rough night Saturday night not getting very much sleep. He ran a fever all day today, I could not really ever get it to break. He is in bed now so hopefully we will get some kind of sleep. I am sure hopeing that this doesnt last very long. I just want a healthy baby back and one that is happy again. He is just cranky and deosn't really know what he wants. He thinks he wants to be held but then he wants down and then wants back up on your lap. Let me just say, it has been a long day!!

I think we have Abby to blame for this. She was sick the week of March 9th testing positive for influenza A and B. She was out of school all week. Then on the 21st she started running a fever again but was fine the next day. Then around the 24th she started running a fever again so she went to the Dr. and they said that she had something viral again. She then started with a cough that has lasted for some time. They say that only kids under 3 get croup, but older kids can be a carrier of it. So we think that Abby basically had croup but they call it something else for older kids and Isaac got it from her. Regardless they share EVERYTHING!

**For whatever reason my spell check wont work so sorry for any mispelled words**

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As promised I have finally gotten some pictures posted of the house. Obviously, this is the front of my house. Isn't it just so cute!!!

Completed floors in the front room looking into the living room!

Completed floors in the living room!
Completed floors in my bedroom!
Completed floors in Isaac's room.

Completed floors in the kitchen. Still needing to complete the painting!!

Looking into the living room through the kitchen.

The dreaded back porch that is the next drastic project. The green paint on the left wall and the ceiling is lead based paint so we have to be careful on what we do. We have tossed many ideas up but the final decision was just made the other night. The wall to the left is actually the original outside wall to the house and then the porch was added on later. So that is actually wood siding that is painted green. So we are going to take the siding off, insulate, and put the same stuff that is on the right side of the porch. The celling we are either cover up or taking down and putting the same stuff up that is on the sides. It is going to require a little more work and be a little more expensive but it will be well worth it.
This is a banister that is out on the porch. It is also the lead based paint so Mom is in the process of stripping it off. She has discovered that the are 3 layers of paint that she has to strip off before we can paint it the color we want.

Happy Birthday to Abby!

Abby turned the big 5 on Friday the 20th. It is so hard that she is already 5. She is doing great in school. She has learned so much, it is almost unbelievable what they learn in preschool. Things she knows I know I didn't learn until Kindergarten. I took the day off work and we went to Columbia to spend it with Abby. We took Austin with us also so Abby could have someone to hang out with. Abby had a picture appointment and Molly had shots in the morning so that took most of our time. We went and ate lunch and then headed over to "Going Bonkers." It was a lot of fun. Abby and Austin had a blast. Aunt Steph was even great enough to get in and play also. I was pretty tired when we left!! That night Abby got to open her presents from her Mom and Dad and a few from Mema and Papa and Auntie. Here are a few pictures.

A gumball machine that she has been begging for, for quit some time. I don't know where she saw one at but she was dead set on one for her Birthday!

Some more Moon Sand. It is an ice cream set....pretty cute! Abby loves Moon Sand and has quit a bit of it. It is a little messy but so fun to play with. I do have to say that it is better than Play Dough!!
The best present ever I would say. She got a infant car seat for her baby doll from Mommy and Daddy. It is the cutest thing ever and she loves carrying that thing everywhere. It is amazing what they have these days!!!!

My little cook!!

Mom has the party kitchen that Kim and I had as little girls out on the back porch. Abby has played with it but not for awhile. Isaac and Molly discovered it the other day and now it is Isaac's new favorite toy. He will go out there and play for an hour at a time. It is so stinking cute. So I think I am going to have me a little cook. It will be so much fun to have his help in the kitchen. Watch out, we were be cooking machines!!!
Look at that mess on the floor. He has managed to get all the plates on the floor and is just discovering that there is a telephone. I looked out there once and he was holding the phone on his shoulder just a talking. I about died laughing!

What Mom, would you like me to make you something to eat?

In need of a haircut!?!?!?!?

A few weeks ago Isaac's hair was so long that I could have swore he would have passed for a girl. I would pull his hair up in the center and he looked so cute so I decided it would be funny to dress him up as a little girl. We just borrowed an outfit from Cousin Molly and a pretty bow and we were set to go. Even though he is my precious boy I couldn't help but to do this. I think I may have a little something to hold against him the rest of his life if need be. These pictures will never be lost.
Wouldn't I just make a pretty little girl???

Just showing off my head full of curls in the back. Aren't they just beautiful!?!?!?!?!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Busy Weekend!!

It has been a very busy but enjoyable weekend. Friday was Abby's 5th birthday, it is so hard to believe that she is already 5. I took the day off and we all went to Columbia. Abby had pictures at Sears that morning and Molly had shots so all morning we got to spend at appointments. We went and ate lunch at CiCi's and then headed of to "Going Bonkers". We took Austin with us so he and Abby had a great time playing. And yes that is right, I got to play some also. It was a lot of fun though. I noticed this evening that one of my knees is really sore and is kind of bruised. It just hit me that it is from Friday.

Mom started not feeling well in town but stuck it out with us. By the time I got her home she was really not feeling well and was running a fever. So us supposed that she must have the influenza A and B that Abby started out with 2 weeks ago, Molly had a week ago, and Kim had last week. Mom was pretty puny yesterday but was feeling a lot better today. Abby started running a fever again last night complaining of a tummy ache but seemed better today. It seems she has been sick a lot here lately! I am just crossing my fingers that Isaac and I don't get this stuff. I have no idea how we have escaped it this far but we have.

We were able to have Abby's birthday celebration this evening at their house. She had a lot of fun and got a lot of neat things for baby doll. She is really getting into playing with her baby dolls. I will try to get some pictures posted this week.

I also have the new pictures of my house. The floors are totally completed. They have one more week to "cure" and then they will be ready for hard traffic on them. Mom is going to tackle the back porch this weekend and next weekend. It is going to be a job but hopefully it wont take very long. I will try to get those pictures posted soon also. We are still planning on moving in April....yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Update

As you can imagine Mom has been working a lot on my house. She is working to get the floors totally completed by the end of this week. Upon completion they have to set for 2 weeks. That means not much traffic and nothing can be left on them, they have to have time to "cure". So if they are done by Friday they will be ready for furniture on the 27th. Can you tell I am getting a little excited!!

This is the spare bedroom again, also known as storage room for me. This room is completed with 3 coats of polyurethane on it. It is so smooth, it almost looks like there is glass on top of the floor.

This is the living room with just 1 coat on it. It was hard to get a picture of it but this is the best one I got. She put the 2nd coat on it Saturday morning so will finish it tomorrow!

This is the front room and it has 2 coats on it. It now has all 3 on it also. They are just beautiful! Can't wait until I can enjoy them myself!!!!!

Grouchy Isaac

Saturday morning I was home with Isaac. I was very excited to be able to be home with him and be able to sleep in. Well guess what they never have the same idea as you do. He wanted to get up early so that's right, we didn't get to sleep in. We got up and I fixed Isaac breakfast. He started getting very cranky and it was only 9:00. I dealt with him for a little bit and played on the floor with him. The next time I knew he was crawled up on my lap and was fast asleep. I laid him on the couch as I was going to be going outside to help Mom and Dad trim trees. Needless to say he ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours. I could not believe it. When he woke up he was very happy and was ready to go. Guess they know when they need a nap!!!

This was when I was trying to keep Isaac entertained on the floor. He was in the process of throwing himself on the floor when I caught this pictures.

Running to Mommy whining, Mommy,Mommy.

This is how it all ended. Fast asleep taking a very nice LONG nap!!

PS: Does anyone think it is past due for a hair cut. I can not believe how fast it has grown and long it has gotten.

Beautiful Weather

With the nice weather that came this week Isaac got to enjoy some time outside. He LOVES to be outside and threw a fit when it was time to come in. He is just getting so big, being very independent.
Isaac enjoying some time in his swing.

Isaac pointing to something while playing outside. He was telling me some kind of "story" I am sure.

Isaac showed a lot of interest in Sly but would not get any further than this. He just got close enough to drive Sly crazy. He was really wanting to play, barking continuously. Isaac just stood there and kept blinking and jumped every time Sly barked.
We hope everyone else was able to enjoy the nice weather like we did.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have to confess to everyone but I was an avid Bachelor watcher this season. What a rollercoaster of events. I can't say I agree with what happened Monday night on the after the final rose ceremony but I do have to understand that it is his life and he has to follow his feelings. And you got it I was back tonight to watch part 2. So they say Jason and Molly are together and happy so yeah for them. I still feel sorry for Melissa as she did not ask for that. I thought it was pretty funny, she gave him a run for his money. The one thing that literally cracked me up is when she called him a bastard.......oh my gosh!!! Well I guess we will have to wait to see the premier of Jillian in May. Can't wait I am sure I will be just as an avid watcher than as I am now!!


So Friday evening they were calling for some snow for our area. According for the weather guy we were supposed to get 4-5 inches of snow. Well I woke up Saturday morning and there was a dusting on the ground. I got up and headed into work. As I was driving it started snowing more and more, heavier and heavier. After I got to work it just snowed and snowed, and needless to say we got the whole 5 inches of snow in Blackwater as Boonville didn't get hardly anything. I think they might have gotten the dusting and that was it. We went to Columbia on Sunday and once again NO snow. It was the craziest thing ever. We were just on the line of it, I guess. We Abby and I were able to go out and play in the snow some on Sunday. She had a really fun time. This was really the only snow that she was able to go out and play in this season. I sure hope we don't get anymore though. I am READY for spring!!!This is what that pretty snow looks like. I took it up on myself to scoop the patio off. Yuk!!