Thursday, October 29, 2009


Stellan is VERY sick and is in need of lots of prayers. Please include Stellan and all the sick children in your prayers. If you feel led, please click on Stellan's button and read his story. It is quit lengthy but well worth the time it takes to read it. Good Bless Everyone.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nowlins Corn Maze

Last Sunday the weather was beautiful so we decided to make our trip to Nowlin's Corn Maze. The maze was a lot of fun. We pushed Isaac and Molly in strollers and Abby walked and picked up fallen corn!! Kim and I were tired after finally reaching the exit. There was plenty of room to push the strollers but it was kind of a challenge too!!! I took the opportunity to get some pictures and I think I went a little over board. All the kids had their "Halloween" outfits on but before we left home Molly decided to get into the Vaseline and lets just say, she had it ALL over her. She had to have an outfit change so she didn't match but still cute anyway. Isaac's shirt says "Mummy says I'm sweeter than this candy". Can't read it in any of the pictures, but thanks to Mema we think it is pretty cute!!

After we exited the corn maze we made our first stop for some pictures. Probably the best ones. After this the two little ones figured out they could jump up and run away....ugh:-)

Something else much more interesting than Mommy/Auntie to look at apparently!

Of course everyone looking except Isaac decides to show me his gourd that he found...!

Sit down Isaac, please!!! He had other thoughts.

Something else much more interesting. I think they could hear the other kids going through the maze. We were right beside it.

Miss Molly, being so Innocent!

Isaac is such a lover. He loves to give kisses....

Again, one wasn't enough!

Aw, yes, and a kiss from Abby too!!

As we were walking up the hill to the corn pit we decided this was the perfect place to take another picture with all 3 kids. Guess what, Abby say so nicely the whole time while the other 2 ran around like wild horses!

Kim told the babies to pick up a pumpkin and bring it to her. (Her logic was that they were way to heavy for them to pick up because all the pumpkins there were pretty good size) Molly is trying her hardest to pick that pumpkin up. Isaac is trying to figure out which one he could pick up. But the funniest thing is that Isaac did pick up a BIG pumpkin and brought it to Kim and then looked at her all crazy when she started laughing and put it back!!!
The kids favorite part, the corn pit.

Where is everyone's legs????

Enjoying the hay ride. He wasn't too sure at first but then loved it and didn't want to get off!

Sporting his pumpkin that Laurie painted on his hand.
Speaks for it self!!

Isaac was scared of the scarecrow. Kim was trying to get him up there but he had many different thoughts. Lay on the ground and cry, just didn't capture it on a picture.

Aww, sisters....too sweet!

Pretty Abby, so hard to believe that she is already 5. Where does the time go?

Well, Isaac finally decided it was okay but he wasn't getting any closer.

Well, okay maybe I will sit up here only to play peek-a-boo!!
Hey, where did ya go Auntie??

Abby, the little pumpkin!

Enjoying the hay pile. It was a lot of fun. Isaac climbed on top of the big bales and then slid into the pile. He loved it, something he could do all by himself! Made his very proud!

Molly trying to climb up. Poor thing is so stiff like her Daddy that she couldn't quit make it so we helped her so she could get into some of the fun!!

Ready...set...slide! Wheee:-)

Plop, wow, that was fun, lets do it again!

Molly thought she was WAY to girlie to get that dirty. She liked it on top where she was safe and clean! She did finally slide down and liked it ALOT!

Time to call it a a day. Loading up the car and Isaac decides he wants to go back up the hill to the corn pit....guess what, he wasn't happy when I chased him down and put him in the car. Poor thing, just wanted to play a little bit longer. He was fast asleep within 5 minutes of being back in the car though!!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful fall and safe Halloween. It is kind of hard to believe that this time of year is already upon us. Before I know it, it will be Isaac's 2nd Birthday and then Christmas........!

Papa visited the pumpkin patch and brought me some......!!!

...............PUMPKINS. Thanks so much to Bob Gerling we got Pumpkins. Isaac was so excited he couldn't hardly deal with himself. We got to pick out as many as we wanted...what fun!

Isaac and Papa, checking out all the pumpkins.

Isaac posing with the ones he picked out. Check out the BIG one, isn't it great. He got two, one for us and one for Kim and them! The kids love to play on it. Isaac gets so excited when he sees them....pun-kins, pun-kins, as he says!!

Enjoying the Beaters

I had to make a chocolate cake for work the other night and guess what, someone wanted to help. Here came the chair and "i help, i help". He helped pour in the ingredients, thought he was pretty big stuff. I let him have the beaters when we were done and he thought they were pretty yummy!!

Trying to get every last drop!

Oh, one more sport!!

Now what, I have this stuff all over my face!


Park Fun

While I was on vacation Kim and I decided to take the kids to the park in Arrow Rock one morning. The kids had a blast and I did too taking pictures.

Isaac being the little monkey he is. It didn't take him long to figure out how to get his feet up there. Oh my, Hopefully no falls b/c I don't wish a broken bone!

Monkey see, Monkey do!!!

Hilarious!! (Isaac)

Hillarious, times 2! (Molly)

Cheese, look at us!!

Too funny, looks like they are behind jail bars and then Molly decides to frown!!!

When it was time to go, the kids decided to run away. So they take off running through the big grass area (if you have been to Arrow Rock park you know what I am talking about). Thank god for zoom because they were much farther out! I finally had to put the camera down and chase after the little stinkers because they weren't coming back on their own.