Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh yes, that time of the year!!

As you have noticed I have changed my background to reflect the best time of the year, Christmas. I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. This will be Isaac and I's first actually Christmas together in our own home! I can't wait until next week to get all our Christmas stuff our and up. I am hoping he will enjoy it as much as I!! I am planning on getting the outside lights up this weekend. It is supposed to be warmer and no rain! What a better time to do it? So, looks like I better get busy posting some updated pictures. Maybe some pictures of our holiday progress. We wish each and everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much turkey...yum!!!!!!! God Bless:-)

UPDATE: Home Run Baby

Go on and jump over to baby Stellna's blog and read all about his Home Run. After nearly dieing, Stellans doctors had to perform an emergency ablation (a day sooner that planned) to try to kill the extra value. It was a very risky serious surgery. So many things could have happened such as pacemaker dependent for the rest of his life or death. I am doing the story no justice but it was a true miracle. The procedure was a complete success and there was no other damage done and they tried 2 days later to put him into SVT and it DIDN'T work!!! So they officially hit a home run and Stellan is now home and a healthy little boy with NO MORE SVT!! Still go to his sight and read all about him and him awesome family! They are sure great people.