Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something New

I just have to share the new thing for Isaac. This evening I was in the kitchen talking to Mom and Isaac was playing in the living room with his toys. I heard him kind of cackle but didn't think anything of it. I looked around the corner to "check" on him and to my surprise he was playing on the couch. How in the heck did he get there. He was soooo proud of himself. He climbed up on the hassock then on to the couch. Then he wanted Mom's hand to help him down and he did it all over again. I got a few pictures but my camera is dead so I will get pictures posted later. I just had to share Isaac's newest adventure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isaac with his presents

I have been wanting to get pictures posted of Isaac with his things that he got for his Birthday and Christmas. I am just now getting that done. Better sooner than later, I guess.

Isaac sitting on his "Alphabet Train" that Mommy gave him. He got a lot of nice things. He has sure enjoyed getting to play with everything. He got a lot of books and has really enjoyed being read to. Isaac with his Christmas presents. He got the John Deere wagon from Mema and Papa, we can't wait until Spring time so we can go for walks outside. Right now the wagon is sitting in the living room being storage for everything that he got for presents that is not out being played with. We are just waiting patiently to get into our house so we can get everything unpacked. More pictures will be coming soon. Maybe even later this evening!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

Isaac had a great time opening his presents. He has had a lot of fun playing with everything.

Isaac opening his presents. He had to have a little of Mommy's help but it didn't take long for him to discover that there were things under that paper for him.

Aunt Kim, Uncle Chad, Abby and Molly gave Isaac this darling wooden train. It is so cute. He is a little too little to play with it. When we get in our own house we will have it out on display for everyone to see.

Isaac sporting a bow on his head. It makes him look like a little girl.

Isaac and Mommy with his Birthday cake. He thought it was pretty funny when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him. Once again that darling cake that I did all by myself! I have to brag a little bit!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Isaac and I would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. It is so hard to believe that 2009 is here and 2008 is in "past"! Our family is really looking forward to a new year. Needless to say 2008 was not the greatest. It defiantly had it pros such as the time I got to enjoy with Isaac and watch him become the little toddler that he is. I got to enjoy being an aunt to Abby and Molly. After 13 months was finally able to get my divorce FINAL! I know there are many more but just not thinking of them right now. The cons, sickness and death of my Grandma. I am just going to leave that at that. No need to proceed on with the bad things. I have not had time to get my pictures uploaded of Isaac's Christmas morning. He had a lot of fun opening his presents. Santa came to see him and left him a new toy. We now have so many toys that there is not enough room in Mema and Papa's house for them.

We are hoping to get busy on my house so Isaac and I can get moved into our our home. Dad is laid off until February so he will getting the floors sanded. Upon the completion of the floors being sanded Mom will go in and start putting the treatments on the floor. The kitchen is coming together. I have decided to change the paint color in the kitchen so I have to get it repainted. Will wait to do that until the kitchen is put back together and the floors are done. I know I have promised before but I really want to get some pictures of my house posted. I am really looking forward to entertain and have people over to my own place!

Isaac is becoming quit the "investigator". He travels all over the house on his bottom still trying to find things to get into. He is now not staying away from the Christmas tree. He has gotten in trouble twice tonight. He is still not walking. Will stand and take a few steps but is not brave enough to take off yet. He plays Peek-A-Boo and the how big are you game. He also prays with us at the supper table. It is so cute he puts his little hands together and looks at everyone else to make sure they are doing the same thing. I help him do the sign of the cross and then he claps and says yeah.

Well Isaac is ready for bed so I better get him there. We wish each and everyone of you a healthy and prosperous New Year!