Friday, February 12, 2010

What can I say, I have been busy, well maybe very busy. I am officially caught up on everything that has been going on in our little lives.
Birthday Party - check
Birthday - check
Christmas - check
New Years - check
My Birthday - check
SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW - check, check, check.
Looking back and adding pictures made all the fun memories flooding back. It is amazing how fast you can forget things. Thank goodness for pictures. I take plenty of them. I am in the process of getting my pictures organized and in date order and oh my, there is a lot. I am going to a scrapbooking retreat in March and can not wait. I looking forward to meeting other people that share the same love for scrapbooking and then obviously getting a lot of work done!! I am sure we will be doing some shopping also. Can't wait to share our experience!

Nothing else too much going on. The rest of my family is doing good. We had a little scare about a week ago with Dad he had abnormal blood work but everything has came back normal since then. Praise!!

Please continue to check back as I am hoping to blog a little more often. I am also hoping to add a few extras to my blog layout so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!!

ha, just realized this is my 100th post....woohoo! Here is to 100 more!!

Sunday Morning

After we get home from Church Isaac never wants to change out of his church clothes. He hates to change his clothes or try new clothes on. So he played for the longest time in his good clothes. He was being so cute I couldn't help but to take a few pictures.

My little picture perfect boy, I sure hope he keeps those beautiful blue eyes!

My Birthday/Hair Cut

I turned another year old, on the 8th of January....oh my. As I am nearing 30 I am beginning to feel a little old.
The 3 most important people in my life. **Check out that delicious looking cake, just for the record it was as good as it looks!!!
Isaac and Mommy
Mom, Me, and Isaac
I made the decision that I was doing something different with my hair. It was going to get cut. I was very nervous, just not knowing how is was going to turn out. We I sure wish I would have done it a lot sooner. I am still getting used to it, but I like it. This picture was the day after it got cut. I looks different now but you get the idea.

Mommy and her little monkey!!

Christmas Morning

This was the 1st Christmas Morning that Isaac and I had in our own house. It was a lot of fun and we will continue to have lots of memories. Mom and Dad came over to watch Isaac open presents. I had to end up waking Isaac up at 9 that morning. I don't think he has EVER slept that late. Doesn't he know that Santa comes on Christmas Eve and he needs to be really excited and wake up early.....guess not. Anyways, he was kind of out of it, and wasn't too excited about anything at first. Then he opened every present and then wanted that toy opened so he could play with it. He took forever, but enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!
Santa brought the inch worm and also a baby doll. He loves to jump around the house on his inch worm and his baby doesn't get very far away.
Cheese, am pretty sure he is "hiding" something behind his back!

Oh my, is that a tractor????

Huh, it sure is. He was so excited, he didn't want anything else after that. Thank goodness PaPa was there to get it out of the box. He has played with this thing more than anything else. It says it is built sandbox tough so I sure can't wait until we can go outside and dig in the sand.....guess I better start on getting that sand box done!!!

Isaac with all his Christmas presents. Looking back at these pictures, it makes me wonder where I found space for all this stuff, but we did!!

Random Christmas Pictures/Santa

Here comes Santa....
......well, Isaac decided it would be better to hide from him.

.....oh my he is just right around that corner, I know he is!

He finally got brave enough and gave it a shot, just wouldn't give me a smile!

All 3 of the kids hanging with Santa. That is the best picture we got of Molly. She was not in the least bit excited to see Santa.

Molly and Abby telling their wish lists.....well maybe just Abby.

I think for the 1st year ever Abby was not scared to sit on Santa's lap.

Just some radom pictures I took of Isaac around Chirstmas time. Santa came to Blackwater too, so we went and paid him a visit. He was too scared of Santa just didn't like sitting on his lap. He woudl much rather just give him a five and run off!! Enjoy!

Ha, he looks scared, I think he was getting ready to bolt away!

Of course he won't look at the camera....!


It is very hard to take a self portrait with a wiggly child in your lap!!

Birthday Boy

Wow, where has the time gone. Back on the 21st of December we celebrated Isaac's birthday. So hard to believe that my baby boy is 2. Growing so much and always keeping busy. He is talking up a storm and really getting his very own personality. He is the highlight of my day, always welcoming me home from work with a smile and big hug. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy, Mommy loves you!!
Eating some left over Elmo cake. He thought the flame on the candle was funny!!

Opening presents from Mommy. Abby still not fair away to help out if need be. A big Elmo book, oh fun!!
Ah, yes, his favorite thing, a stick horse. He was so excited.

Giving it a quick try before back to see what else he got.
Peek-A-Boo Elmo says, can you see his eyes sticking out the top of the wrapping paper??

Oh say it isn't so, it is Elmo!!

Okay, now who is going to get this out for me?? Uncle, please, can you get it out? Of, course Uncle got him out. (note to self, Elmo is kind of loud and annoying....but oh well Isaac likes playing with him!)
Elmo even came to Isaac Birthday. He really wasn't that into standing by him. Abby helped to bribe him but he was too excited!

Isaac with all his Birthday presents. I think he needed a few more, oops!! Oh well, he has enjoyed playing with all of them. Notice the pig with piglets.....Isaac's great Grandma Bonen made that and gave it to cousin Troy some years ago and they gave it to Isaac to enjoy. It is so cute, the piglets snap on to the Momma to eat.


Just a little update on how big Isaac is. At his 2 year checkup he came in at 36 pounds and 37 3/4 inches tall. If you double that height he will approximatly be 6'3" full grown give or take a few. Oh my goodness he is definatly going to be a BIG BOY! He is currently wearing size 10 shoe and is fully in 3T clothes some 4T. He has made the transition to a twin size bed, no more baby bed. It was sadder for Mommy than him. He did very well, sleeps in it like a champ!! Has absolutly NO interest in potty training, I guess he will be ready some day...!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Party

Isaac had a wonderful Birthday Pary. He was so excited to be in the center of attenstion. He wasn't too sure about the whole opening presents thing but Abby was close at hand to help out. Unfortunatly Molly wasn't able to join us because she was sick running a fever. So she had to stay home with her Daddy. Isaac got lots of new toys and had really enjoyed playing with them. We were finally able to get rid of some of the "baby" toys that he was out growing.
Abby close by the help out in any way possible!! She is quit the trooper!

Really getting into opening presents. He is looking at the coolest book ever, it is a scanimation book called Waddle. When you move each page the picture goes into motion. Way cooler than how I am explaining it. Check it out here.

His Elmo birthday shirt that Mema made for him. Elmo is proudly sporting the number 2. Isaac always wants to wear "my elmo" shirt!!!
Giving his best shot at riding his tricyle. PaPa and MeMa got it for him. He was so excited he couldn't hardly handle it. Look how serious he is in the pciture. It is still a little big for him but I think by this summer he will be able to pedal it. He already has it figured out, just can't quit touch the pedals. I am sure that tricyle will make plenty of round around the driveway!!! Can't wait for some spring like weather!!!!!
Isaac posing with his Elmo cake. It didn't turn out too bad considering it was my first one. I will defantly never make a cake decorator!

Actually caught Isaac blowing out his candle. I bet I couldn't do that again!! More pictures to come from his actual birthday, Christmas, and other fun happenings in our 'lil family.