Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As promised I have finally gotten some pictures posted of the house. Obviously, this is the front of my house. Isn't it just so cute!!!

Completed floors in the front room looking into the living room!

Completed floors in the living room!
Completed floors in my bedroom!
Completed floors in Isaac's room.

Completed floors in the kitchen. Still needing to complete the painting!!

Looking into the living room through the kitchen.

The dreaded back porch that is the next drastic project. The green paint on the left wall and the ceiling is lead based paint so we have to be careful on what we do. We have tossed many ideas up but the final decision was just made the other night. The wall to the left is actually the original outside wall to the house and then the porch was added on later. So that is actually wood siding that is painted green. So we are going to take the siding off, insulate, and put the same stuff that is on the right side of the porch. The celling we are either cover up or taking down and putting the same stuff up that is on the sides. It is going to require a little more work and be a little more expensive but it will be well worth it.
This is a banister that is out on the porch. It is also the lead based paint so Mom is in the process of stripping it off. She has discovered that the are 3 layers of paint that she has to strip off before we can paint it the color we want.

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