Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh My Gosh, Check This Out.....!!

Mom got the wild hair today and decided that she wanted to polyurethane one room just to see what it was going to turn out like. I think the warm weather had a lot to do with it also. Well this is what it turned out like......isn't it just beautiful!!
This is the spare bedroom also known as storage for me. This is what they look like just after one coat. Mom will put 2 more on having to sand them between each one. If you can't tell I am just very excited about how they turned out. They even look better than what I had expected!!

This just shows you the difference in the floor. What you see is the doorway going into the room and the base on the door way has not been done yet and obviously the floor has been. Isn't it just beautiful?!?!?!

Thanks to Eric my kitchen is pretty much back together. The new cabinet is set, counter top on, new sink set, and back splash up. You can tell the doors are off the cabinets b/c Mom is refinishing them also and we had to paint the walls behind them. It was the worst job ever, well probably not the worst but it was not easy. Especially way back in the far corner. I had to climb in the cabinet and basically lay down to get it done. But it looks much better done.

Well this is all I have for now. I am ready for bed...night!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


As promised, I am finally getting pictures posted of my house. We have been working on it every minute we can. It is amazing how many little things that have to be done. There was this closet that needed to be painted so about a month ago Kim and I set off to paint it. We knew that there was going to be some work involved because it appeared that the paint was peeling off the wall. Anyways, when we really got to looking at it and deciding what to do the closet had been wallpapered and then someone decided to paint over the wallpaper without trying to take it down. It was a total disaster. We ended up having to spray a water/vinegar solution on the wall, let it set for a little bit, and then scrape it with a paint scrapper. It took a whole day but we finally got everything off it. Today we sat out and put the bonding coat on it. Now tomorrow I think we are going to get a coat of paint on it. The house is coming right along. I can't wait to get it done and get moved in. We are getting closer everyday.
This is the big pile of carpet that we pulled up off the floor. It was very disgusting needless to say. There appeared to be 2 layers of padding and then OLD carpet. The caret had been so worn that the padding was starting to just disintegrate.
This is the residue that was left on the floor in 2 rooms after pulling up the carpet. The carpet had been glued down therefore not coming up real easy. We then had to get down on hands and knees and use water and a good 'ol pain scrapper and scrape it off. Thank god it was only 2 rooms, one of which was pretty small!

This is Isaac's room showing that residue again on the floor. His room butts right up to mine. The door you see in the back goes into my room.

This is supposed to be my kitchen. Where the wall looks all torn up used to have tile on it. We tore all that off and in some places went all the way down to the lathes. The cabinet in the middle of the floor is a new cabinet that we had made.
This is my living room. You can see the door way to the front room to the left of the picture. There are big double doors that fold across the doorway if you wanted to close it off.
This is the front room. Back when the house was build this was used as a formal dinning room. My plan is turning it into my scrapbooking room. The walls are painted green so it should be very relaxing. I am very excited about it!!
This is my bedroom. Just painted a tan color. That is Isaac's door on the left.

This is Isaac's room all painted in blue.

This is the kitchen again showing the orange color that I thought I wanted. Needless to say I changed the color of the kitchen to a tan color. Makes it look a lot better.

This is the bathroom. It is pretty small but is plenty for what we need. On the left is the vanity and on the right is the tub/shower.

This is the front door. It comes into a little hallway, which leads into the front room.

This is the spare bedroom, which I will probably use for storage. You can see the floor though, this was what they looked like after Dad had ran the sander over them.

This purpose of this picture is to show the difference in the floor. You can see where Dad had run the sander and where he hadn't. It was amazing the difference that it made.

Well, these are all the pictures that I have for now. I will get more posted when I get more taken. Mom has been over there cleaning this week so it is getting closer and closer. Next week she is planning on starting to polyurethane the floors. She thinks she can get it done in 3 days so she is just trying to get 3 days in a row to get it done. Until next time, Isaac is doing great and happy blogging!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Love of Pictures

Last night I got my camera out and had a fun time taking pictures. Isaac cooperated very well. He just starts smiling as soon as he sees the camera. Isaac is getting so big. He is turning into a little monster that gets into EVERYTHING. There is nothing that is out of his reach. Since he has started climbing on things he thinks he is unstoppable. I have to watch him very closely because he tried to climb on things that he shouldn't be. I am afraid that he is going to really hurt himself. It is too early to have to make that emergency run to the hospital with a broken bone and anything like that! Hopefully I will never have to do that but I have had many people tell me Boys will be Boys.......oh my!!!!
Isaac sitting in his booster seat eating some cereal. He looks like a toddler sitting there.

What a look. The next few pictures are just some snap shots catching that perfect moment. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones when they are not looking straight at the camera.

Check out all that hair. After 3 haircuts I don't think it is going to get any thinner. I love his hair now but I am sure he will hate it when he gets older.

Isn't this precious. Ten perfect fingers and.......

.......Ten perfect toes!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Molly and the Cookies

A few weeks ago we made chocolate chip cookies. All of our favorites. Molly is quit the sweet eater so of course she wanted some.

Molly looking in the oven wondering how she can get to the cookies.

Oh here, maybe I can try to climb in. Uh, Molly I don't think that will work very well!

Dang it, how far up there are those cookies. I know they are up there!

What, me? I'm not doing anything!

Molly finally was able to get her a cookie. Needless to say, she ate the whole darn thing.

Molly is doing very well. She is growing up so fast also. He is walking everywhere and is really starting to jabber. The funniest thing she says is baaaaaaad piggy. Whenever her pigs falls on the floor she says baaaaaaaad piggy. Too cute, what they catch on to.

What a Big Boy!

Remember the other day when I told you that Isaac had started climbing. Well I promised pictures so here we go.

Isaac has climbed up on the hassock and is getting ready to get on the couch.

Yeh, he has made it. He was so proud of himself when he would get up there. He knew he was doing something new. Now he doesn't understand why I always make him get down. I don't want him to get used to being able to play on the couch. That is just asking for that emergency room visit!

Here, Mema, I need your help down!


I had the joy last weekend to do some card making. Kim, Mom, and I made some greeting cards and gift tags for a benefit auction. I put them arranged so cutely in a tin and we donated them for the auction. Well needless to say I was pretty proud of what they brought. They sold for $45.00 and there was 2 ladies that wanted them so now I have to make another bunch because I told them that since they both wanted them we would just make some more and they could just make the donation to the family.

I took a picture of the cards that I made. I just had to share with everyone. I just wish I had more time to make even more. They are just so darn cute!!!