Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Abby!

Abby turned the big 5 on Friday the 20th. It is so hard that she is already 5. She is doing great in school. She has learned so much, it is almost unbelievable what they learn in preschool. Things she knows I know I didn't learn until Kindergarten. I took the day off work and we went to Columbia to spend it with Abby. We took Austin with us also so Abby could have someone to hang out with. Abby had a picture appointment and Molly had shots in the morning so that took most of our time. We went and ate lunch and then headed over to "Going Bonkers." It was a lot of fun. Abby and Austin had a blast. Aunt Steph was even great enough to get in and play also. I was pretty tired when we left!! That night Abby got to open her presents from her Mom and Dad and a few from Mema and Papa and Auntie. Here are a few pictures.

A gumball machine that she has been begging for, for quit some time. I don't know where she saw one at but she was dead set on one for her Birthday!

Some more Moon Sand. It is an ice cream set....pretty cute! Abby loves Moon Sand and has quit a bit of it. It is a little messy but so fun to play with. I do have to say that it is better than Play Dough!!
The best present ever I would say. She got a infant car seat for her baby doll from Mommy and Daddy. It is the cutest thing ever and she loves carrying that thing everywhere. It is amazing what they have these days!!!!

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