Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grouchy Isaac

Saturday morning I was home with Isaac. I was very excited to be able to be home with him and be able to sleep in. Well guess what they never have the same idea as you do. He wanted to get up early so that's right, we didn't get to sleep in. We got up and I fixed Isaac breakfast. He started getting very cranky and it was only 9:00. I dealt with him for a little bit and played on the floor with him. The next time I knew he was crawled up on my lap and was fast asleep. I laid him on the couch as I was going to be going outside to help Mom and Dad trim trees. Needless to say he ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours. I could not believe it. When he woke up he was very happy and was ready to go. Guess they know when they need a nap!!!

This was when I was trying to keep Isaac entertained on the floor. He was in the process of throwing himself on the floor when I caught this pictures.

Running to Mommy whining, Mommy,Mommy.

This is how it all ended. Fast asleep taking a very nice LONG nap!!

PS: Does anyone think it is past due for a hair cut. I can not believe how fast it has grown and long it has gotten.

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