Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post Overload

So, I have FINALLY gotten everything posted that I was wanting to. 7 post later I am all caught up, at least for a little bit. Go all the way to the bottom and work your way up so you read everything in order!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this nice cooler weather. Love to all!

The trip home....

Abby was fast asleep before we ever made it out of Sedalia.

Isaac on the other hand wanted to do anything in his power to make us laugh. He went to bed very early though!!

Petting Zoo

We took the kids to the petting zoo. They were so funny to watch. It was kind of hard to get pictures but these were the best ones I got.

There was nothing that he likes about that thing. He was scared to death....!

Abby making bubbles

While we were at the fair we went to the Family Fun Center. Abby had a good time making bubbles. It looked like a lot of fun but there were too many kids in line waiting for me to give it a try!!

Enjoying the Fair

On Thursday the 13th we went to the Missouri State Fair for $1 day. Oh my god, there were so many people there. We did have a nice time though just doing whatever we wanted. But really any day not at work is a good day, right!!!! We were hanging out in the highway gardens and I got my camera out. Isaac is just so photogenic. I love taking his picture. There are a lot of pictures so home you enjoy!

Yes, he is riding the rock. He was making horse noises, like he was riding a horse.

My favorite, look at those beautiful blue eyes. He is my pride and joy, to say the least!

Molly hanging out in her stroller. She was such a trooper, you never hear a word out of her.

Sisterly love!!

Such a Big Boy

Isaac is starting to become very dependant. He wants to eat all my himself. Usually I don't mind and I just let him go but the other night we had spaghetti. Everyone knows how messy spaghetti can be for kids to eat. I tried to feed him but nothing to do with it he wanted to do it himself. He was so cute, concentrating so hard. I couldn't resist but to take some pictures!

Going in for a bite. Notice he is sporting his left hand!! Woohoo, go buddy! He seems to switch back and forth betweem left and right but he seems to have better control when he ses his left. Sure makes me proud, if he were to be a lefty!! Time will tell:-)

Almost there, keep concentrating....

Yes, he made it! Finally got it to his mouth!

Supper isn't supper without a banana. Isaac loves bananas. He may even turn into a little monkey!

This was the "Mom, why do you keep taking my picture when I am trying to eat?"

Loving Cousins

Isaac, Abby, and Molly are so close together. Abby and Isaac rough house to much it is so funny! Isaac and Molly fight like they are brother and sister but yet are always excited to see each other every morning. I just had to share some of their pictures together!

Isaac, Abby, and Molly enjoying some popcorn. They were sharing very nicely for once!!

Isaac and Molly enjoying some crackers!!

Aww, they love each other so much. I am sure they wont think it is so cute when they get older.

I am pretty sure Molly is saying Bubby, Bubby, here. She is wanting to give him a hug and Isaac is running away:-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry it has taken all week to update the blog. We have been very busy the past few weeks. The tomatoes are finally coming on. About 2 weeks ago I did a few that were ready and it gave me 19 pints of sauce, yummy. Can't wait to have some of that this winter.
turned into this.....(the waste)........

to this.................

and then to this...........the final stuff all ready to eat!!

....and oh, this is what I had for supper that night!! Good 'ol cucumbers:-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good News

Just wanted to Thank everyone for their extra prayers for Baby Stellan. (Button to the right) He is able to go home today. He finally broke out of SVT without having to do an ablation which would have been VERY serious, possible death. Please continue to pray for this family though and all the other sick and suffering children. They are truly a blessing from above.

I promise to get some pictures posted of Isaac soon. We are heads deep in garden goodies so we have been busy with that. I am starting tomatoes tonight and will probably do them every night. Mine are just coming on, picked a BIG bowl full last night but Mom's are LOADED!!! I have a ton of green ones so in a matter of probably a week i will be sick of seeing tomatoes. There will not be a tomato go to waste this year though. We ran out this past winter and it really sucked!!!