Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Whew, so glad that winter has finally made its departure. We have been enjoying all this nice sunny dry weather. I was beginning to think that it was going to rain forever. With the warmer weather comes playtime outside. Isaac has enjoyed going out and playing and playing and playing some more. He is actually starting a little tan, so cute!!

Isaac digging in the dry mud that had dripped off my van in the car port.

Having a good 'ol time!!!

Easter Sunday

We had a very blessed Easter. The weather was perfect. Isaac and I did have to do a lot of traveling but oh well, it was worth it.
Me and Isaac Easter Morning.
Isaac checking out his basket goodies.

Looking for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. They were all full of change.....oh my!!
Molly, Abby, and Isaac at Kim's on Easter. Mom made the 2 Easter baskets and also the cake. I sure hope I got her talent!!


Easter Egg Hunt

On the Sunday before Easter we went to the Imhoff's for an Easter Egg hunt. We even got a surprise visit for the Easter Bunny. Isaac was a little scared at first but then sure wanted something out of his basket so he decided to give it a try!!
Isaac getting a treat out of the Easter Bunny's basket.

Giving the Easter Bunny a hug.

Isaac thought it was so funny to get the Easter Bunny's tail. It was the funniest thing ever.

Picking up his eggs.

Oh, I got it!!!

Dying Easter Eggs

The Sunday before Easter we got together to dye easter eggs. Molly and Isaac lasted about 19 minutes and they went on their merry little way playing with other things. Abby stuck it out and helped with the whole 3 dozen of regular eggs and 2 dozen of blown eggs.
Mom with all 3 grandkids.

Easter Pictures

I decided to try to get some Easter pictures of Isaac. With the help from Mom we managed to get some. Kids sure do make picture taking a challenge. They don't want to sit still, look at the camera, smile or anything. Oh well, we got enough to get our card made and sent out. Here are some of my favorites!!

Handsome little man!



Better late than never.....right!! Well retreat was a BLAST. We had the time of our lives!! Ashley and I got a little late start because I over slept but still made it to Branson in good time! We were unpacked by 2 and started getting busy. I managed to get 21 pages done through the weekend and was very pleased. I will try to get some pictures of my layouts to share. I was very excited about them!! When we headed down it was beautiful, sunny, and warm. When we came home it was cloudy, cold, and raining/icing. We made it home safely just wasn't as pleasant!!

This was our table space. We each had our own table, they were in pods of 4. After looking at the picture I don't know how we found the room on the table to actually work!!!!