Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Boy

Wow, where has the time gone. Back on the 21st of December we celebrated Isaac's birthday. So hard to believe that my baby boy is 2. Growing so much and always keeping busy. He is talking up a storm and really getting his very own personality. He is the highlight of my day, always welcoming me home from work with a smile and big hug. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy, Mommy loves you!!
Eating some left over Elmo cake. He thought the flame on the candle was funny!!

Opening presents from Mommy. Abby still not fair away to help out if need be. A big Elmo book, oh fun!!
Ah, yes, his favorite thing, a stick horse. He was so excited.

Giving it a quick try before back to see what else he got.
Peek-A-Boo Elmo says, can you see his eyes sticking out the top of the wrapping paper??

Oh say it isn't so, it is Elmo!!

Okay, now who is going to get this out for me?? Uncle, please, can you get it out? Of, course Uncle got him out. (note to self, Elmo is kind of loud and annoying....but oh well Isaac likes playing with him!)
Elmo even came to Isaac Birthday. He really wasn't that into standing by him. Abby helped to bribe him but he was too excited!

Isaac with all his Birthday presents. I think he needed a few more, oops!! Oh well, he has enjoyed playing with all of them. Notice the pig with piglets.....Isaac's great Grandma Bonen made that and gave it to cousin Troy some years ago and they gave it to Isaac to enjoy. It is so cute, the piglets snap on to the Momma to eat.


Just a little update on how big Isaac is. At his 2 year checkup he came in at 36 pounds and 37 3/4 inches tall. If you double that height he will approximatly be 6'3" full grown give or take a few. Oh my goodness he is definatly going to be a BIG BOY! He is currently wearing size 10 shoe and is fully in 3T clothes some 4T. He has made the transition to a twin size bed, no more baby bed. It was sadder for Mommy than him. He did very well, sleeps in it like a champ!! Has absolutly NO interest in potty training, I guess he will be ready some day...!!

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