Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Christmas Pictures/Santa

Here comes Santa....
......well, Isaac decided it would be better to hide from him.

.....oh my he is just right around that corner, I know he is!

He finally got brave enough and gave it a shot, just wouldn't give me a smile!

All 3 of the kids hanging with Santa. That is the best picture we got of Molly. She was not in the least bit excited to see Santa.

Molly and Abby telling their wish lists.....well maybe just Abby.

I think for the 1st year ever Abby was not scared to sit on Santa's lap.

Just some radom pictures I took of Isaac around Chirstmas time. Santa came to Blackwater too, so we went and paid him a visit. He was too scared of Santa just didn't like sitting on his lap. He woudl much rather just give him a five and run off!! Enjoy!

Ha, he looks scared, I think he was getting ready to bolt away!

Of course he won't look at the camera....!


It is very hard to take a self portrait with a wiggly child in your lap!!

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