Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Morning

This was the 1st Christmas Morning that Isaac and I had in our own house. It was a lot of fun and we will continue to have lots of memories. Mom and Dad came over to watch Isaac open presents. I had to end up waking Isaac up at 9 that morning. I don't think he has EVER slept that late. Doesn't he know that Santa comes on Christmas Eve and he needs to be really excited and wake up early.....guess not. Anyways, he was kind of out of it, and wasn't too excited about anything at first. Then he opened every present and then wanted that toy opened so he could play with it. He took forever, but enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!
Santa brought the inch worm and also a baby doll. He loves to jump around the house on his inch worm and his baby doesn't get very far away.
Cheese, am pretty sure he is "hiding" something behind his back!

Oh my, is that a tractor????

Huh, it sure is. He was so excited, he didn't want anything else after that. Thank goodness PaPa was there to get it out of the box. He has played with this thing more than anything else. It says it is built sandbox tough so I sure can't wait until we can go outside and dig in the sand.....guess I better start on getting that sand box done!!!

Isaac with all his Christmas presents. Looking back at these pictures, it makes me wonder where I found space for all this stuff, but we did!!

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