Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Party

Isaac had a wonderful Birthday Pary. He was so excited to be in the center of attenstion. He wasn't too sure about the whole opening presents thing but Abby was close at hand to help out. Unfortunatly Molly wasn't able to join us because she was sick running a fever. So she had to stay home with her Daddy. Isaac got lots of new toys and had really enjoyed playing with them. We were finally able to get rid of some of the "baby" toys that he was out growing.
Abby close by the help out in any way possible!! She is quit the trooper!

Really getting into opening presents. He is looking at the coolest book ever, it is a scanimation book called Waddle. When you move each page the picture goes into motion. Way cooler than how I am explaining it. Check it out here.

His Elmo birthday shirt that Mema made for him. Elmo is proudly sporting the number 2. Isaac always wants to wear "my elmo" shirt!!!
Giving his best shot at riding his tricyle. PaPa and MeMa got it for him. He was so excited he couldn't hardly handle it. Look how serious he is in the pciture. It is still a little big for him but I think by this summer he will be able to pedal it. He already has it figured out, just can't quit touch the pedals. I am sure that tricyle will make plenty of round around the driveway!!! Can't wait for some spring like weather!!!!!
Isaac posing with his Elmo cake. It didn't turn out too bad considering it was my first one. I will defantly never make a cake decorator!

Actually caught Isaac blowing out his candle. I bet I couldn't do that again!! More pictures to come from his actual birthday, Christmas, and other fun happenings in our 'lil family.

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