Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Love of Pictures

Last night I got my camera out and had a fun time taking pictures. Isaac cooperated very well. He just starts smiling as soon as he sees the camera. Isaac is getting so big. He is turning into a little monster that gets into EVERYTHING. There is nothing that is out of his reach. Since he has started climbing on things he thinks he is unstoppable. I have to watch him very closely because he tried to climb on things that he shouldn't be. I am afraid that he is going to really hurt himself. It is too early to have to make that emergency run to the hospital with a broken bone and anything like that! Hopefully I will never have to do that but I have had many people tell me Boys will be Boys.......oh my!!!!
Isaac sitting in his booster seat eating some cereal. He looks like a toddler sitting there.

What a look. The next few pictures are just some snap shots catching that perfect moment. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones when they are not looking straight at the camera.

Check out all that hair. After 3 haircuts I don't think it is going to get any thinner. I love his hair now but I am sure he will hate it when he gets older.

Isn't this precious. Ten perfect fingers and.......

.......Ten perfect toes!!

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