Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh My Gosh, Check This Out.....!!

Mom got the wild hair today and decided that she wanted to polyurethane one room just to see what it was going to turn out like. I think the warm weather had a lot to do with it also. Well this is what it turned out like......isn't it just beautiful!!
This is the spare bedroom also known as storage for me. This is what they look like just after one coat. Mom will put 2 more on having to sand them between each one. If you can't tell I am just very excited about how they turned out. They even look better than what I had expected!!

This just shows you the difference in the floor. What you see is the doorway going into the room and the base on the door way has not been done yet and obviously the floor has been. Isn't it just beautiful?!?!?!

Thanks to Eric my kitchen is pretty much back together. The new cabinet is set, counter top on, new sink set, and back splash up. You can tell the doors are off the cabinets b/c Mom is refinishing them also and we had to paint the walls behind them. It was the worst job ever, well probably not the worst but it was not easy. Especially way back in the far corner. I had to climb in the cabinet and basically lay down to get it done. But it looks much better done.

Well this is all I have for now. I am ready for bed...night!!


Ashley said...

That is so awesome. Things are really coming together and you are going to be in there in no time! Wow, the difference in the floors is amazing, can't wait to see the finished product!!

Debbie said...

The floor looks beautiful!!! You are doing a great job documenting the transformation. Hopefully the rest of the work will go smoothly and quickly. I'm sure you are getting anxious to move in. It is really looking nice!!!