Monday, June 22, 2009


Bees, that's right. I had a swarm of honey bees in my Cherry Tree back in May. (Sucks, I am like 2 months behind) Better later than never I guess. Dustin was down in the tractor plowing my garden and Isaac and I were riding along when Dustin noticed them. He called his Uncle Phillip and they came down and were going to try to move the bees to take them home. It was quit the amazing process. Phillip and his little boy Parker got their "suites" on and headed over the bees to assess the situation. These are the pictures that I was able to capture.The swarm of bees. It is amazing how may are in that swarm. The just covered multiple branches.
Phillip is the one holding the box and Parker is on a stool getting ready to shake the limbs. The bees will then fall down in the box. Their hope is they get the queen and they will make that their new home.

Phillip just standing back waiting to see what is going to happen.

This just shows the bees in the box. Look how may there is. Unfortunately when Phillip came to pickup the box (it has to stay for 24 hours) the bees were gone. They had left the box and moved somewhere else. We were all kind of bumbed out, Phillip said that is the first time that has ever happened to him.

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