Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Final Project!!!!!!!!!.......smiles:-)

I have been very busy the past month. I haven't had time to blog at all. It has kind of saddend me. I am moved in and loving every minute of it. I have some pictures of the final project but there is still some work to do.....isn't that normal. Hopefully I will get some more this posted this week. I have lots of pictures to share as we have been having some fun. Isaac is growing so much. Some new things he is doing is pointing to eyes, ears, nose, mouth when you ask him to and then repeats it and points to your. He is starting to say some 2 words this such as love you and thank you. It is amazing how the small things are so thrilling. It is truly amazing! Well hope you all enjoy the pictures, I have lost the picture of the kitchen but you can use you imagination as to what it looks like.
The back porch. The one wall and ceiling are all new. I love it. The picture does it no justice. The angle or something makes it look really crowded but there is actually TONS of room out there.

The banister on the back porch. Eric built it from scratch......good bless him. The old one was green and nasty. We love the new one.

Isaac's room. It is a small room but just the right size for a little guy.

My room. Nothing else to say.......
The fabulous front room. This is now turned into my scrapbooking room. All my stuff is stacked next to the wall on the left but it is now all out and ready to use. Amazing enough Isaac has left it alone so far!!
The living room. Just a nice space. Plenty of room for all my things and room for Isaac to play.

Just another angle of the living room.

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