Monday, September 1, 2008

The love of cousins

On Saturday we all went to Kansas City to do some shopping. I managed to get some of Isaac's Birthday/Christmas shopping done. We had lunch with Mary at her house and enjoyed ourselves there for a little bit. We had to get home rather early because Mom had to stay with Grandma that night. On Sunday Mom brought Grandma down to our house since someone has to be with her dad and night. Grandma was able to spend the day down here but slept most of the time. We went to the Pilot Grove Church Picnic Sunday evening. The food was wonderful and Abby had a good time playing the games. Kim and everyone brought carry outs home since Grandma isn't able to get out that much and I went and worked my shift....oh what fun!
Isaac and Molly holding hands while traveling down the road. The love of 2 cousins so close in age. It is so fun to watch them as they try to communicate with each other!!!!

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