Monday, August 3, 2009

Good News

Just wanted to Thank everyone for their extra prayers for Baby Stellan. (Button to the right) He is able to go home today. He finally broke out of SVT without having to do an ablation which would have been VERY serious, possible death. Please continue to pray for this family though and all the other sick and suffering children. They are truly a blessing from above.

I promise to get some pictures posted of Isaac soon. We are heads deep in garden goodies so we have been busy with that. I am starting tomatoes tonight and will probably do them every night. Mine are just coming on, picked a BIG bowl full last night but Mom's are LOADED!!! I have a ton of green ones so in a matter of probably a week i will be sick of seeing tomatoes. There will not be a tomato go to waste this year though. We ran out this past winter and it really sucked!!!

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