Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Such a Big Boy

Isaac is starting to become very dependant. He wants to eat all my himself. Usually I don't mind and I just let him go but the other night we had spaghetti. Everyone knows how messy spaghetti can be for kids to eat. I tried to feed him but nothing to do with it he wanted to do it himself. He was so cute, concentrating so hard. I couldn't resist but to take some pictures!

Going in for a bite. Notice he is sporting his left hand!! Woohoo, go buddy! He seems to switch back and forth betweem left and right but he seems to have better control when he ses his left. Sure makes me proud, if he were to be a lefty!! Time will tell:-)

Almost there, keep concentrating....

Yes, he made it! Finally got it to his mouth!

Supper isn't supper without a banana. Isaac loves bananas. He may even turn into a little monkey!

This was the "Mom, why do you keep taking my picture when I am trying to eat?"

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