Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Halloween.......

.....a week and a half later. We had a wonderful Halloween. Isaac got to enjoy a few "treats" from Mommy. He was pretty excited. He liked looking in his pumpkin to see what was inside, not to mention what was on the outside.

He loved his new toy. Yippee!!!!

I guess it is pretty obvious what he was for Halloween. Abby was Raggedy Ann and Isaac was Andy. I loved it, they were so cute. We had a lot of compliments on the outfits. Thanks to Kathryn's mom for the wonderful costumes that she had made for her kids.

Then we have Molly. She was a cute, fat, little monkey. It was the funniest thing ever. The face you fall down over her face and she couldn't see. Most kids would throw and fit because they couldn't see but not Molly. She loved it because in her mind if she can't see anyone then no one can see her. She is just a little bit shy. It was pretty cute.

Isaac in his Skeleton PJ's. I loved them. The skeleton part of the suit actually glowed in the dark. No loosing him in the dark.

Mr. Tucker was out cute little chicken. I loved the costume and he was such a trooper. We have Tucker in his costume and then....


.....Tucker relaxing in his stroller.

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