Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Better late than never.....right!! Well retreat was a BLAST. We had the time of our lives!! Ashley and I got a little late start because I over slept but still made it to Branson in good time! We were unpacked by 2 and started getting busy. I managed to get 21 pages done through the weekend and was very pleased. I will try to get some pictures of my layouts to share. I was very excited about them!! When we headed down it was beautiful, sunny, and warm. When we came home it was cloudy, cold, and raining/icing. We made it home safely just wasn't as pleasant!!

This was our table space. We each had our own table, they were in pods of 4. After looking at the picture I don't know how we found the room on the table to actually work!!!!

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Ashley said...

I had a blast, so glad we went to year is going to be even better!!