Saturday, July 4, 2009


Friday night we went to Pilot Grove to see the fireworks display put on at Katy Manor. We took the kids not knowing how they would like it. Isaac was scared to death, Molly loved it, and Abby liked everything except the loud noise. Sherry held Isaac most of the time so she got to be in most of the pictures. Isaac never cried he was just very nervous. Some of the picture appear that he is crying but I promise it wasn't as bad as it looks.

Isaac waiting for the fireworks to begin. Waiting very patiently.

That one was really scary!

He's really not crying as it appears.

Maybe if he just doesn't look.

I think there was a "WOW"!

Nope, he still doesn't like it.

Just a picture of some of the fireworks that we saw. My camera didn't do the best.

Oh, pretty!

This is Molly just enjoying herself. She loved the whole thing. Keep in mind this is the child that is scared when a motorcycle goes by because it is too loud!!! Kids are so funny.

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