Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Little Isaac

I guess I better give a little update on how Isaac is doing. I had Isaac back to the Dr. on Tuesday. He had been extremely grouchy and wasn't sleeping at all. It was really starting to wear on me. I called the Dr. and they thought they should probably see him because he may have a secondary ear infection. So I was taking off that afternoon to come home to stay with him so we trucked on over to Columbia to the Dr. His ears were fine so they swabbed his nose to make sure that he had influenza. Sure enough he tested positive for influenza therefore no medicine because it is viral. Dr. told me that if he was still running a fever on Thursday to call and bring him in on Friday and they would do a chest X-Ray . He could here some rattle in his chest but not enough to show concern. I thought Isaac was getting better we didn't run a fever Wednesday night. He woke up Thursday morning running a 102.6 fever. I stayed home with him. I called the Dr. after lunch because Isaac was just wanting to lay around on me, not eat or drink, and was wheezing really bad when sitting on my lap. So I called the Dr.'s office and had to talk to the on call because my normal Dr is out of the office on Thursday. They thought they should probably go on and see him today and not wait until tomorrow since he was wheezing. So at 2:15 we head to Columbia, for the 3rd time.
After a chest X-Ray, a breathing treatment, and then blood draw they finally came up with the following diagnosis: Pneumonia. She said that she could hear it, and see it on the X-Ray but it still looked viral. So off to the blood draw station we went and after 3 pokes in the arm they finally got blood out. (It was horrible!!!) His white blood count came back normal so technically at this point it is still viral but at anytime it can go in to bacterial. She sent us home on breathing treatments and an antibiotic. So I think Isaac has had his share of this sickness. He tries to feel good and be happy but at times he just cries, because he doesn't know what he wants.
That is about all that I know. We are doing some major work to the porch on my house so I will post the pictures soon, along with ones of Isaac doing his breathing treatment

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