Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isaac with his presents

I have been wanting to get pictures posted of Isaac with his things that he got for his Birthday and Christmas. I am just now getting that done. Better sooner than later, I guess.

Isaac sitting on his "Alphabet Train" that Mommy gave him. He got a lot of nice things. He has sure enjoyed getting to play with everything. He got a lot of books and has really enjoyed being read to. Isaac with his Christmas presents. He got the John Deere wagon from Mema and Papa, we can't wait until Spring time so we can go for walks outside. Right now the wagon is sitting in the living room being storage for everything that he got for presents that is not out being played with. We are just waiting patiently to get into our house so we can get everything unpacked. More pictures will be coming soon. Maybe even later this evening!

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