Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick Baby

What a joy. Something that I never want to experience again. Isaac was sick for a whole week.....that's right 7 days. He began on Sunday November 30th. He woke me up at 5:00 throwing up. It was so scary due because what woke me up was him choking. He threw up for about 2 hours solid. I always said I didn't know what I would do when my child threw up because I have always ran the other direction when someone was throwing up. I am absolutely no support. Well Mommy mode kicked in and I stuck it out with Isaac. I was with him the whole time and cleaned it up each time. He didn't throw up anymore Sunday or Sunday night. I was really hoping that it was the "short lived" version of the flu. Well he woke up Monday morning running a fever. I called the Dr. and they wanted to see him since he just started running the fever. Well to the Dr we went and to my surprise he had a double ear infection. So on a 10 day antibiotic. I stayed home with him on Tuesday throwing up and screaming because ears hurt. I felt so sorry for him because there was nothing I could do for him. He continued to throw up Wednesday and Thursday morning. Finally Friday he seemed better and actually played on the floor at Kim's. We went to see Santa at Blackwater Friday night and he seemed fine. He had been over 24 hours without throwing up. I was once again awakened Saturday morning at 6:00 to a throwing up kid....AGAIN. I about died. I felt like we were getting the flu all over again. He threw up for an hour and then just laid around on me and didn't want anything else but Mommy. Kim and I were supposed to go shopping in Kansas City so Mom said she would brave it and was more than happy to keep Isaac with her and take care of him so we could get our Christmas Shopping done. I called multiple times and every time it was the same thing. He is just laying on me and doesn't want to play or eat. He just wants to sleep. She pushed and pushed the fluid down him so keep him hydrated. When he woke up Sunday morning he seemed better but was still pretty clinging. He never did throw up anymore since Saturday morning. It is Thursday and he is finally back to his normal little self. He has lost so much weight but he is sure eating trying to catch back up. I think he has a bottom less pit! Abby and Molly both had to experience this also. Abby had it about 3 days and Molly abut 5 days. It was pretty unpleasant for awhile. Everyone is back up and going and so far none of us adults have caught it. I sure hope like hell I don't. Well enough about sick kids!!!!!!

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