Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Isaac!

It is so hard to believe that my precious baby boy is 1. It is kind of sad to think about it but all it means is that he is growing and very healthy. He is a big guy weighing about 26 pounds and is 34 inches long. There is nothing small about him. He had a really good birthday party. I did a "train" theme and it turned out just darling. I made his invitations and also his birthday cake all myself. They both turned out cuter than I thought. I have a few pictures of him opening presents but I will post more later.

The outside of Isaac's 1st Birthday Party invitation. I had to cut each train and cloud of smoke out. It was kind of time consuming!

The inside of the invitations.

This is the cake that I made. It looks hard but it was very easy to do. It did take about an hour to get it all iced and decorated. It was a big hit at the party. Everyone was pretty impressed. Mom even said "Stephanie that looks cuter than the picture in the magazine!" I just responded..."Yes, I know!"

Needless to say, Isaac didn't care for his cake. He choked and gaged just on the icing. The icing wasn't even sweet, it was just whip cream. I thought he was going to throw everything up. But Mema came in and saved the day and fed him just the cake without the icing and he thought that was pretty good.

Isaac got lots of presents and did a wonderful job opening them. He got it figured out before he was done. He got new toys that he really enjoys playing with. I need to weed out his baby toys since he doesn't play with them anymore. I will post more pictures of opening presents later.

Since it is Christmas Eve it is a good time to with everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Christmas will defiantly be different this year since this will be the first without Grandma. We are all adjusting and will eventually adjust fine. We always went to Grandma's Christmas day for lunch and open gifts. We are actually staying at mom and dad's this year so we wont be rushed at all. We are then going to Aunt Donna's on Saturday to have our family Christmas. Until next time, Happy Blogging.

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